Democratising private markets through technology

N2 Technology is the first open-access digital network that connects companies raising capital and professional investors.

Through the N2 Platform we are able to support both sides of the value chain, from Seed to Series B investment rounds, instantly connecting relevant companies that are matched through our proprietary matching algorithms.

Our unique business model, void of transaction fees, hidden commissions or high introductory charges, means that we deliver a platform which is accessible for all companies, all of the time.

Our matching algorithms are built from the collation of the latest investor preferences, meaning that connections are based on who and what is relevant now, and not on past historical investments and deals.

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Instantly connecting relevant opportunities to the right investors

We created N2 to help companies accelerate their dealflow, secure funding faster and build the industries of tomorrow that will impact us all on a social, economic and technological level.

Our experience in the private markets combines to more than 50 years. We have observed first-hand the frustrations encountered by early stage companies in their formative years. What became apparent to us is that traditional methods of raising capital are slow, expensive and not fit for purpose. During our time as investors, we also faced the challenge of being overloaded with irrelevant opportunities, and the unique challenge in consistently accessing quality deal flow.

Our mission is to make raising capital fast, easy and accurate.

We want to empower company founders to focus on what they do best, building great companies. By providing investors with highly curated and constant dealflow, we hope to give them more time to diligence the best opportunities and support their existing portfolio companies.

 We would like to invite you to join our expanding network as we build an open and accessible for all ecosystem.

Meet the team
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Derek Watson



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Neil Ashman

Commercial Director


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Hanif Nezhad

Director of Product Development



Abdul Rehman

Head of Startup Ecosystem, South Asia


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