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When you are checking out an opportunity there’s nothing more frustrating than having to manually log into many platforms to do your research. That’s why we have already started reaching out to digital partners who provide fantastic tools and INTEGRATING them into N2. We are removing all boundaries by automating what can be automated.
Financial Forecasting
Quickly and easily create a comprehensive pro forma financial projection model that will delight investors (available in web app or Excel spreadsheet)
· Business plan assumptions entered in an easy-to-use, step-by-step format
· Handles both recurring and one-time sales models for offerings
· Handles all business models: software, services, product manufacturing, etc.
· All reports are automatically calculated and produced
· Summary report ideal for your pitch deck
· Pro Forma includes Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
· Detailed sales report with all Customer Lifetime Value metrics
· Detailed staffing report with all employee-driven costs such as taxes and benefits
· Detailed CapEx and depreciation calculations
· Cap Table, Investor Return Summary, and Key Metrics reports
How do customers use Startup Financial Model:
· Prefer to have an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and advisor help build their pro forma
· Have a tight deadline of delivering a highly-credible pro forma to a prospective investor or for a pitch competition
· In the process of negotiating a strategic alliance that involves an investment
Private Company Valuations
PrivCo provides U.S. private company valuations and growth signal data.
PrivCo pairs its unique financial data sets with comprehensive coverage of the U.S. private company universe to provide PrivCo users with otherwise-elusive company and market intel. The PrivCo app provides proprietary growth scores and valuations for U.S. private companies, providing key competitive and market intelligence.
How do customers use PrivCo data?
· Understand the competitive landscape of a particular company or industry.
· Assess valuation comps to aid in your own valuation analysis.
· Find companies in your target universe based on specific financial data parameters.
SEO Analytics
SEMrush is an SEO tool for keyword research and strategy to analyze and improve companies’ online presence.
SEMrush is an SEO tool that does your keyword research, tracks the keyword strategy used by your competition, runs an SEO audit of your blog, looks for backlinking opportunities and lots more. SEMrush is a leading online marketing solution, voted the best SEO Software in the U.S. and Europe in 2017. The tools and reports help marketers and business owners drive traffic to their websites by providing data for competitive analysis, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and PR.
How do customers use SEMrush data?
· Learn your competitor’s online strategy by analyzing how they advertise.
· Discover a company’s top backlinks (links from other sites that lead to their website).
· Understand how a business promotes itself online by researching the special Google results they render, and get insight into a company’s strategy and successes in search engine marketing.
· Follow Google’s algorithm updates in real-time and see how they may affect a website’s traffic.
Website Tech Stack
Find technologies that companies are built with.
Discover the technologies websites use, including analytics, hosting, CMS, widgets, advertisers, and many more. BuiltWith’s technology usage information can help inform what sort of message you use to reach out to potential customers, as well as determine the technology budgets other websites have.
How do customers use Built with data?
· Find customers using competitors and complementary technologies.
· Discover insights into technology usage, changes, and trends.
· Track technology usage of publicly and privately traded companies.
Revenue Estimates
Owler provides competitive data and revenue estimates
Owler is a community-based competitive insights platform. The Owler app provides trigger events (i.e. funding events, leadership changes), real-time company news, dynamic firmographic data, and a community-driven Competitive Relationship Graph–all on Crunchbase. Owler helps business professionals uncover competitive intel and discover new companies that participate in their space.
How do customers use Owler data?
· Understand the competitive landscape of your particular industry, geo, and more.
· Find companies similar to your existing customers and get a new pool of leads.
· Identify micro-industries and stay up-to-date with the latest news.
Patents & Trademarks

IPqwery provides patent and trademark information for companies


IPqwery provides a complete picture of the IP holdings of any company. Get an overview of the technologies a company possesses (patents), its brands (trademarks), its inventors, and how it scores for being innovative (IP Activity).

How do customers use IPqwery data?
· Compare patents and trademarks across companies with respect to innovation.
· Instantly see the IP held by a company to assist in valuations and enrich corporate profiles.
· Find companies with high patent or trademark growth or new patent and trademark filings in specific industries.
Company Tech stack

Uncover the software products being used by companies


Siftery provides an insider’s look at what products and services companies are using internally. Siftery’s leading database of software products and their customers is used by product managers, marketers, analysts, and investors looking to understand software adoption trends. The data is collected through automated methods and by hundreds of daily contributions from the Siftery community.

How do customers use Siftery data?
· Get access to prospects’ tech stacks and tailor your pitch.
· See product recommendations based on what companies like yours are using.
· Analyze the product market share of your competitors, partners, and more.

Streamline Your AML & KYC Compliance


GlobalGateway’s eKYC seamlessly integrates into existing systems to automate due diligence workflows and function as a watchlist solution so you can complete KYC verification.

How do customers use Trulico?
Know Your Customer and Identity Verification checks
Automated AML watch list checks
Cross-border compliance
Hassle-free maintenance
Easy reporting
Global Identity Verification
eKYC procedures