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Our Freemium model enables startups to find the right investors in 15 minutes


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No more searching, sorting and filtering outdated lists of Investors and trying to work out which ones might be suitable, We’ve got you covered and do all of the heavy lifting.  

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We have qualified all of the investors sourcing deal flow through N2, when they receive a deal from us, it goes to the top of the pile.

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As new investors are onboarded you will be notified of any new matches

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N2 is a global platform built for tech enabled startups who are raising a minimum of $200,000 USD, from Seed to Series B

Is there ever a wrong time to connect with the right investors?

Yes, providing they have permission from the startup.

We process all of the available data in the market, so that our team can spend each day talking to relevant investment professionals from each investor

As part of our outreach, we speak to each investor to ensure that they are actively sourcing new startups to invest into and that have capital to deploy

We have taken the current process of subjective guess work to give startups instant evidence based access to the right investors

Our proprietary algorithms know exactly which investors to match to each startup.

Investors on the N2 platform submit their live investment preferences, and update them regularly according to their investment criteria.

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Raise Stage | Fundraise Amount | Company Valuation | Security Type

The N2 platform instantly notifies each Investment professional to deals they have been matched with.

Absolutely. Each new investor is matched to live deals.

We charge a one time fee of $799 USD.

Absolutely not, and we never will.

No, our one time fee ensures all Startups are treated equally.

Startups are matched for quality and not quantity.

Yes, Startups have total control of their Fundraise.

When you talk to investors your m.o. should be breadth-first search, weighted by expected value. You should always talk to investors in parallel rather than serially. You can’t afford the time it takes to talk to investors serially, plus if you only talk to one investor at a time, they don’t have the pressure of other investors to make them act. 

Volume and speed of responses depends on how engaging your pitch is and the profile of your deal.  We have seen Investors reach out to startups within 30 minutes

Professional investors which include, Venture Capital Funds, Corp. VC’s, Family Offices, Private banks and Asset Managers.

The N2 platform is a capital introduction enabler, getting the right startups engaging with the right investors, to increase your probability of successfully raising.

We employ a whole team dedicated to finding the right investment firms, the relevant investment professionals, connecting and qualifying them in order for Startups to be instantly matched.

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