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💡 You need a first-rate investment flywheel

Derek Watson
Derek Watson
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What Is FinTech? The Basics

💡 You need a first-rate investment flywheel to quickly and effectively know which early stage Startups are worth pursuing, This is mine 👇🏼

🔄 My flywheel comprises interconnected components that continuously influence and reinforce one another. I continuously work on and develop these skills to maintain their relevance.

🔭 I have a clear organic vision of the future which incorporates:

➡️ World order
➡️ Economic cycle
➡️ Climate change
➡️ Technology innovation
➡️ Social and cultural trends

➡️ Policy and regulatory change

I build a thesis around the steps needed to arrive at this future destination. Each Startup should be connecting the dots.

📈 I actively adopt and practise a growth mindset by:

➡️ Embracing challenges
➡️ Persisting through setbacks
➡️ Engaging in continuous learning
➡️ Promoting experimentation
➡️ Cultivating a collaborative attitude
➡️ Supporting founders’ development
🧘🏽 I actively clear my mind of biases to enable me to approach each conversation with an open mind and heart and fully understand the founder’s perspective. I desperately try not to pattern search and assimilate as it leads to missing anything unique.
⏩ I employ thin-slicing for rapid cognition to swiftly evaluate the startup’s potential by making decisions based on a small amount of information, identifying promising opportunities with greater confidence.
🥇 I use first principles thinking to break down complex problems into basic components and analysing fundamentals, emphasising the importance of the objectives to understand core issues.
🧐 And I think critically to analyse and evaluate the startup’s problem and proposed solution objectively, identifying any logical flaws, inconsistencies, or biases in reasoning.
⚙️ By continuously incorporating these interconnected components into my decision-making process, it creates a self-reinforcing flywheel which accelerates and enhances effective early-stage decisions.
Do you employ a startup evaluation flywheel to accelerate your decision making?
🥊 Anyone who says gut feeling or serendipity gets a red card for a professional foul.
for the ❤️ of startups

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