33 Tips on Being Investor Ready

Poppy Higgins
Poppy Higgins
33 tips on being investor ready

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33 Tips on Being Investor Ready

33 Tips on Being Investor Ready

Being investment-ready is about understanding and preparing for the due-diligence questions investors will be asking. There are several areas that need to be understood and prepared to achieve this.

Capital raising can be broken down into five stages:

Total time required:

Best case 10 months

Average Case 15 months

The Foundations:
Building the foundations of the business is critical to being investor ready
Founding team:
Have founding partners that share the vision and have complimentary skill sets
Financial plan:

If you do not have the requisite expertise then use a professional

Finding investors:

Be prepared to give up your day job as this is a full time process

Interacting with investors:

Keep to the point 

Legal considerations:

Your Intellectual property is yours, judge carefully when you hand it all over

Preparation is key, explaining the problem and the solution is the focus of any pitch. Therefore making sure that the foundations of the business have been put together professionally and solidly will allow investors to focus solely on the actual business proposition.

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