36 Sales/Marketing Terms That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Neil Ashman
Neil Ashman
36 Sales/Marketing Terms That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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36 sales/marketing terms that every entrepreneur should know

36 Sales/Marketing Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

As a startup, you need to know your stuff. Whether defining roles and expectations for your employees, engaging with customers, or pitching investors for capital: there can be no ambiguity.
Problems often arise when we believe we’re talking about the same thing, only to find out at a later stage that we’re not.
So do you know your USP from your VP, understand the role of a GP from an LP and know whether you’re fundraising against a Pre-Money or Post-Money valuation? Sound confusing? Then you probably need to take a read through our key terms that every startup founder needs to know.

The differences between sales and marketing

We’ve grouped these 2 categories together, but it’s important to know the differences between sales and marketing.
Sales/ Marketing Table

Types of Sales:

Sales is a broad category, so let's break down the main roles

Sales Terms:

Key sales terms explained

Types of marketing :

Online marketing is a big driver for businesses, different approaches depend on your business model and target audience

Marketing terms:

Key digital marketing terms explained

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