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If you are not ESG futureproof you are ESG futuref***ed

Derek Watson
Derek Watson

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💡 If you are not ESG futureproof you are future f***ed

💡 For startups that want to have any European investors, caring about ESG issues is 👇🏼

❌ no longer a nice-to-have
✅ it’s a must-have

📢 Listen up, this is what is happening ➡️

➡️ EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is in force to all investors, private banks and financiers in the EU.
More to come in Jan 23.

Portfolio companies need to show:
✅ energy and water use
✅ supply chains
✅ waste systems
✅ gender pay gap
➕ Plus a whole bunch of other sustainability indicators.

📢 For investors wanting European LPs, funds are classified as:
➡️ Article 8 “light green” funds promote ESG objectives
➡️ Article 9 “dark green” funds promote sustainable or carbon reduction investment.

💡 Coming to your country soon 🌏

💡 The climate crisis is the single most significant investment opportunity ever and will totally change how business is carried out.

📢 If you want to raise from VCs, you need to know this:

➡️ #SFDR requires European fund managers report #scope3 emissions — indirect emissions produced in the supply chain process of their portfolio companies. 
💡 So it is not just your company, it’s your entire supply chain.

ESG is a whole lot more, and Investors will have no choice but to comply:
💡 Startups need to track social and governance indicators such as gender pay disparities and staff retention early, this will pay off further down the line.

📢 Hear me now … This is the good news 😀

✅ Over a third of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products
✅ Startups will have a sustainable advantage in comparison to conventional products 

📢 Getting ahead of the curve early doors will give you a massive advantage

for the ❤️ of startups

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