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Just how hard is it to be an Angel Investor

Derek Watson
Derek Watson
Let's see how Mark Cubens sharktank portfolio is doing

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💡 It's hard being an angel investor, as Mark Cubans SharkTank track record shows.

💡 It’s hard being an angel investor, as Mark Cubans SharkTank track record shows.

➡️ He has invested $19,850,000 

➡️ 85 deals across 111 episodes

➡️ 19% of the 443 pitches heard in 111 episodes

➡️ largest deal was $2,000,000 in “Ten Thirty One Productions” for 20% of the business

➡️ average investment size $233,529 average / $125,000 median

➡️ equity stake taken 23% average / 20% median

➡️ deal valuation $1,617,758 average / $750,000 median

➡️ discount 50% below median asking valuation of $1,500,000

➡️ co-investments 43 of 85 deals (51% of total) have been with another shark

✅ Is he up financially❓ 

❌ In his words, “no, I’ve gotten beat…”


💡 So why is that?


✅ We know that Mark is an amazing businessman and investor

✅ We can see that he has diversified and spread his risk

✅ The opportunities have all been pre-vetted

✅ There is further diligence that happens after

➡️ Maybe it is just down to the format of the show 🤷🏼‍♂️

💡 But one thing is for sure, early-stage investing is really tough and trying to hit home runs is even tougher.

➡️ For anyone thinking that writing a few cheques to a few founders with ideas that sit outside of your expertise and knowledge base is the way to generate wealth, you may well be in for a shock and should consider going to the casino.

✅ This is not to say that #powerlaw investing is the right way either. I truly believe that a combination of diversification with a goal to achieve consistent runs (as opposed to single home runs) is the way to create venture-type returns over the long term.

🙏🏼 It would be great to hear your feedback and how a better and more supportive model could be used?




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