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Derek Watson
Derek Watson
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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Startup Founder

The no-code movement rests upon the fundamental belief that technology should enable and facilitate creation, not be a barrier to entry.

NoCode is rapidly becoming the ‘how to start a startup’ way. NoCode tools like Zapier, Airtable, Stripe, Shopify have been around for a while and have empowered many founders to build functional business platforms.
We are now seeing Nocode platforms that offer entrepreneurs tools to build more complex and super scalable products, bringing them to market in no time.
A whole suite of NoCode templates and tools is available, making MVPs deep and immersive experiences, creating forums, chats, security processes, onboarding pages, market places, social networking apps, online stores for websites, or mobile apps are all available.
Automating processes and managing the backend with integrations is a huge part of the NoCode environment, with ever-increasing complex operations to manage data and user actions and the need to move fast in all departments (sales, marketing, customer success). NoCode empowers founders to adjust and iterate according to their own needs and vision without depending on engineers.
Building a pretty cool experience with NoCode now comes down to mapping out the entire user experience and sawing it all together with some sound if-that-then-this logic.

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