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Startup Speed to Velocity Flywheel

Derek Watson
Derek Watson

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Startup opportunities: Fitness meets Gaming in the metaverse

💡 Startup Speed to Velocity Flywheel

It’s an old framework but a goodie and can be applied to anything we do.

But first, let’s debunk the advice we often see about speed when building a startup.

➡️ “Don’t worry about speed; direction is more important.

I would rather be moving slowly in the right direction than fast in the wrong one.” 🤷🏼‍♂️

Confused… speed and velocity are different things.

✅ Speed is the time rate at which an object is moving along any path 

✅ Velocity is the rate and direction of an object’s movement.

➡️ So DO worry about speed to find the right direction.

➡️ When you find that direction, smash it at high velocity.



💡 This is one of my favourite frameworks when planning and running experiments. It gets my head in the right space to iterate at speed.

  Known Knowns

Things we are aware of and understand.

➡️ As founders, we consistently overestimate this. It’s our founder bias, but it is all we have to form the basis of all our assumptions.

❌ The idea here is to avoid getting stuck in the Known Knowns. What you think you know is a very small bucket of knowledge and beliefs. 

  Known Unknowns

Things we are aware of but don’t understand

➡️ This is why we need to test out our assumptions so that we can put them into Known Knowns

❌ Do not ignore this feedback; take it, understand it, iterate and go again at high speed. 

  Unknown Knowns

Things we understand but are not aware 

➡️ Here is the bonus, the unexpected feedback that we had not even considered.

❌ Small sample sets of feedback need to be considered and prioritised with care.

  Unknown Unknowns

Things we are neither aware of nor understand

➡️ Oh shit or wow moments that allow us to build a complete understanding.

❌ Believe me, the oh shit moments will come. Don’t let them drown you; they are never as bad as we first imagine they are. 




  Apply this to your execution of sales, marketing, build, whatever. It works, and speed is critical.  

➡️ The one thing you don’t have to worry about as much as you probably do is that nobody really knows you, and nobody really gives a shit. 

Something is always better than nothing, and flawed experiments are soon forgotten but invaluable for your growth.


⭐️ The “get shit done” founder beats the “perfectly planned strategy” founder 100% of the time in startups.



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