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We do the heavy lifting

Poppy Higgins
Poppy Higgins
N2 Investor qualification

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How To Build A Start-Up: Getting Investor Ready

We do the heavy lifting

Startups, we know how difficult raising capital is. Months of work goes into building a list of investors to contact, then qualifying investors and identifying the right person in each firm, only to never hear back.
The truth is, without a warm introduction, its very hard to know whether your opportunity is relevant to that investor, and if they are currently sourcing deal-flow. Your months of hard work collating this data could be, frankly, a waste of time. That is not your fault, it’s that the existing processes for connecting entrepreneurs with relevant investors are totally inefficient, with the focus being on treating symptoms and commanding large fees.

We don’t want to see anymore startups with huge potential fail because of this inefficient system, or because the founder(s) are not mixing in the “right circles”.

The N2 platform does the heavy lifting for you. Providing a service that is fast, easy and accurate, all at a fixed price point that makes it accessible to all and provides users with an unbiased service.
We Identify
We Qualify
We Match
Investors are identified, sourced and then pre-qualified through an automated process.
Each Investment professional is qualified that they have funds to deploy into new opportunities.
Approved investors register their live investment preferences, enabling us to Match startup fundraises to the right investors.

N2 Identify and Qualify

We continually harvest investor data from thousands of sources and run it through a data cleaning process to combine and validate it. From these datasets, we are then able to reach out strategically to targeted Investment professionals. Each conversation we have allows us to objectively onboard the right investors capable of actively deploying capital.
Identify Investment Firms
Lead generation from thousands of data records that are sourced from historical databases, marketing, referrals, word of mouth and key government and institutional partnerships
Identify Investment professionals
We cover all aspects of the investment cycle, deal sourcing, due diligence and approval at the Investment Committee level.
Outreach mechanisms to connect and speak with the relevant professionals in order to qualify their status as active investors able to deploy capital.
Our 1st-degree relationship with each investor enables us to match the right startups to their live investment preferences and provides startups with a warm digital introduction.

N2 Match

Our matching algorithms have been designed in order to make sure startups opportunities are getting in front of the right investors, and the investors, with the knowledge that they have been matched, know that the opportunities are qualified.

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